Founder of "STAPLE THIS"!

Who is Corey Staples? He’s an athlete. But he’s a lot more than that. Those who know him would also use words like “motivator”, “health and fitness innovator” and, most importantly, “family man”.

It’s the combination of all of these things that have inspired him to create this kind of holistic health program. To him, it’s about more than looking or even feeling good. Corey cares deeply about health and fitness because he knows, firsthand, that when your body is in pique condition, it has a domino effect on your mental state, emotional stability, spiritual growth, professional performance and even your personal relationships.

In fact, Corey is a living example of what working out and eating right can do. He adores his wife, loves his kids and works alongside a team that seems more like family. With this kind of support system in place, he has been able to work with over 500 individuals to-date.

And just how did Corey get his start? Long story short, he’s basically been in working out regularly in a gym since he was 15. Standing at 6’0” and skinny as a rail at the time, although he had the passion for exercise, he didn’t totally have the know-how. Thanks to him noticing a couple of “shirtless football players with amazing physiques” who were training for the 40-yard dash one day, Corey made the decision to transform his body—and his life.

Almost two decades later (give or take a couple of years), Corey has become one of the most-sought after and respected professionals in the fitness world. Not only is his physique admired, his approach to fitness is trusted because he has provided PROVEN RESULTS for his clients—both male and female, regardless of their age.

His motto—both in and out of the gym? “Don’t endlessly wait for results. Create them. Create you. Be more. Become more and walk into your own greatness!”

How can you not want to get to know someone who lives by that?



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